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Take a trip back in time to not so long ago with Wonka Extracts as they re-imagine their popular brand with Wonka 2.0. 

Returning with exceptional quality from their AAAA bud run process, already a staff favourite we are sure happy that these guys have returned to the scene! We are excited to welcome them back with open arms to our line up!

You Can Find Their New 9 Strains Exclusivley Here On WGTG:



-Mike Teavees Trainwreck

-Slugworths Strawberry Cough

-Charlie's Chocolope 



-Prodnose's Pineapple Express 

-Veruca Salts Space Cookies 
-Oompa Loompa Lemon Skunk



-Violets Violator Kush

-Willy Wonkas White Rhino 

-Grandpa Joe's Purple Kush

Wonka Extracts Shatter 2.0

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