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Introducing Plain Jane's delicious lineup of 1g BHO tips!

These beautifully packaged tips come with 100% BHO.

With these hard hitting 4 flavours these tips are not to be overlooked!

Compatible with most THC/distillate vape pens. Compatible with all ccell vape pens.

510 Threaded

*Please note: Battery kits required for use, and sold separately.


Available Strains:

Green Crack God (Sativa)

Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)

Rockstar (Indica)

9LB Hammer (Indica)

Death Bubba (Indica)

Island Pink (Indica)

Pink Cookies (Hybrid)

Og Kush (Hybrid)

Mk Ultra (Indica) 

Sweet Gas (Sativa)

Plain Jane 1g BHO Tip

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