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Zlushie, a moderately indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa), is the result of a cross between the delectable Ice Cream Cake, Grape Zkittlez, and Gelato 41 strains. If you're in search of a well-balanced bud with an exceptionally delightful flavor, Zlushie is the answer. Each hit delivers a delectable combination of sweet fruits, tangy grapefruit, and fresh vanilla, while the aroma mirrors this deliciousness with notes of fresh berries, zesty citrus, complemented by floral woodiness, sharp cherry, and a hint of spicy vanilla. The Zlushie high unfolds a few minutes after your last toke, inducing a cerebral euphoria that gently elevates your mood, transitioning into a blissful and somewhat sedative calm. Your focus may waver, but it's a welcome sensation. Simultaneously, a profound body stone sets in, rendering you pleasantly immobile and ready for extended relaxation. With its impressively high THC content, averaging over 20%, Zlushie is a top choice for managing conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, muscle cramps, and depression. This strain features compact, spade-shaped forest green buds with subtle dark olive hues, slender dark amber hairs, and a coating of frosty, dark amber crystal trichomes.