Top Shelf 1/2lb Pre Packaged Flower Boxes are one of a kind! They include 16 pre packaged 1/2oz's of AAA flower that are a mix of 4 different flower strains. These offer variety like no other with top tier flower. Each individual 1/2 oz package also come with Top Shelf branded rolling papers, humidity controlled packets so your flower is as fresh as possible!


Examples of Strains in the Sativa boxes:

Glookies(S), Duke Nukem(S), Girl Scout Cookies(S), Gods Green Crack(S), Juicy Fruit(S), Purple Trainwreck(H).

(S)=Sativa. (H)=Hybrid. (I)= Indica.


Examples of Strains in the Indica Bomb boxes:

MK Ultra (I), Watermelon Kush (I), Bubba Kush (I), Rockstar (I)

(S)=Sativa. (H)=Hybrid. (I)= Indica.


Examples of Strains in the Private Reserve boxes:

Death Bubba (I), Ice Wreck (H), Tom Ford Pink (H), Rockstar (I), 

(S)=Sativa. (H)=Hybrid. (I)= Indica.


Examples of Strains in the Undergrounds boxes:

Pink Cookies (H), Gas Monkey (I), Dutch Gold (H), Death Bubba (I), 9LB Hammer (I)

(S)=Sativa. (H)=Hybrid. (I)= Indica.


Examples of Strain in the Elite boxes:

Peanut Butter Kush (I), Rockstar (I), Watermelon Kush (I), Death Bubba (I)

(S)=Sativa. (H)=Hybrid. (I)= Indica.

Top Shelf Variety Sativa, Indica, Hybrid 1/2lb Flower Boxes

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