Top Shelf Extracts Gold Shatter is now available on We Got The Goods!

The Gold variety of their nug run shatter is for the average user looking for best bang for their buck!

This will give you a good example of what they have to offer for shatter with out breaking the bank! You will get to see what they have to offer for flavour and if you enjoy their product check out their Top Shelf Elite Shatter in our shop for a truly unparelled experiance!

Strains Available:

-Blueberry Indica

-Nukem Indica

-Super Kush Indica

-King Kush Indica

-Master Kush Indica


-Perma Frost Hybrid

-Gelato Hybrid

-Gorilla Glue Hybrid

-4 Star General Hybrid

-Blue Dream Hybrid 

-Ice Wreck Hybrid 

-Pineapple Express Hybrid 

-Og Kush Hybrid

-Wedding Cake Hybrid

-Cheese Quake Hybrid


-Dirty Girl Sativa

-LowRyder Sativa

-Alaskan Thunder Fuck Sativa

Top Shelf Extracts Shatter (Gold)