Top Shelf BHO pens are smooth yet really pack a punch with 90% THC.

Pens are Re-chargeable. Pens are disposable.

These pens come in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa and are labeled accordingly in the strain menu.

They also come in 4 mouth watering flavours.

Unlike a refillable cartridge pen, a disposable vape pen is one unit — the hash oil, atomizer, battery and other components are all included. You simply inhale to start the heating element. The disposable pen is easy to use and can be tossed once it’s out of oil.

90% BHO, 10% Terpenes.


BHO is short for butane hash oil, a cannabis oil that comes from using butane as a solvent. It's one of several solvent-based extraction methods. ... BHO extraction typically results in a soft, yellowish wax, which turns to oil if you heat it. Very pure BHO extract is called "shatter," thanks to its hard consistency.

And the resulting cannabis extract is delicious. BHO extraction has won the most HighTimes Cannabis Cup awards, more than all other extraction methods combined. Hydrocarbon extraction is nothing new and it is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved extraction method.

Top Shelf BHO Pens 0.5g