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Introducing Plain Jane's delicious lineup of 1g Distillate tips!

These beautifully packaged tips come with 15% Organic Terpenes and 85% THC Distillate.

With an abundance of fruity flavours they are sure to have something to tickle everyones tastebuds!

*Please note the 10 packs are prepackaged so selection of strains unavailable*

Compatible with most THC/distillate vape pens. Compatible with all ccell vape pens. 510 Threaded

*Please also note: Battery kits required for use, and sold separately*


Available Strains:


-Lemon Runtz (Sativa)

-Strawberry Shortcake (Sativa)

-Hawaiian Haze (Sativa) 

-Green Apple (Sativa)

-Purple Punch (Indica) 

-Wacky Watermelon (Indica)

-Blue Zskittles (Indica)

-Blueberry (Indica)

-Cranberry Kush (Indica) 

Plain Jane 1g Distillate Tip

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