Plain Jane CBD & Vitamin C blend capsules are handcrafted with precision to ensure perfect dosing each and every time.  Our capsules are made with the purest CBD isolate in order to provide our customers with the maximum health benefits CBD has to offer.

CBD: 25mg/capsule  Vitamin C: 200mg/capsule

Recommended Usage:  For optimal health take 1 capsule daily. For those with chronic pain/ailments take 2 capsules daily.  After 2-3 weeks increase dosage if necessary.

Health Benefits: CBD is non-psychoactive (unlike THC) and is known to work in connection with the bodies natural occurring cannabinoid receptors resulting in significant medical benefits. Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorders, OCD, PTSD, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain are only a few of the many ailments CBD can help treat.  CBD is also known for playing a significant role in the treatment of Epilepsy,  Alzheimers,  Parkinson’s, Cancer and more!

*Consult a physician before taking CBD to make sure this product is right for you

CBD & Vitamin C Capsules (2500mg/bottle)

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