Product Information:


-Name: Baby Yoda OG

-Strain: INDICA

-THC: 19-24%

-Flavour: Earthy, Sweet, Pungent

-Effects: Sleepy, Relaxed, Happy

-Helpful with: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety


Top Shelfs AAA Baby Yoda OG is an Indica cannabis strain with a potent and sedative onset of effects. Baby Yoda has been reviewed by both medical and recreational consumers to be an ideal strain for night-time use right before bed. Although not much information is available regarding this Indica-dominant strain's origins, it's slightly reminiscent of strains such as Watermelon Zkittlez or 91 Tahoe. 

Consumers who have had the chance to indulge in Baby Yoda's buds have said it's an ideal strain to treat ailments such as Insomnia and stress. In the Baby Yoda cannabis strain, dominant terpenes are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene, while THC percentages tend to reach levels of up to 24%. 

Baby Yoda OG (Indica)